About us


Serena - a unique twist to your everyday wear.

The brand started with a single shirt - a clothing piece so simple yet, when worn right, so powerful that it empowers women to conquer whatever comes along our way.

In a brainstorm stage of the brand we noticed a gap in stylish and high quality women shirt category. Apply a bit of creativity, add some unique twist and here we have a statement piece - timeless, affordable and exceptional shirt that carries your uniqueness while wearing it.

What started as a single shirt brand later expanded to more categories of women clothing with a continuous approach to create pieces with a unique twist to your everyday wear.



The meaning of the brand name is two-fold.

First of all, Serena is an Italian name. It was clear from the very beginning - we want Serena pieces to reflect a unique and romantic Italian spirit through graceful and elegant details. All Serena pieces are designed in a way to pass a spark to the woman who is wearing it.

In addition, the word Serena resembles a mermaid. A mythological creature, who is true to her values, refusing to compromise about the way she lives her life, craving for freedom that sea provides.

This paints a nice picture of a woman, who we are creating for - strong, true to herself and following her heart.



At Serena we strive to empower women who want to go for a timeless and stylish but still unique way of dressing up for both work and leisure.
We want to become a powerful accessory to your beauty that brings the most out of you.

And we are glad if you let us.

Love, Serena